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I genuinely really care about all the clients that work with me and I promise to work with you to help you reach your goals. Whether it's to improve stamina, strength, or endurance, to lose or gain weight or muscle, or even maintain your current shape I can help! 

I will help you to achieve this and any other fitness goals by working together as a team creating an individualised program tailored to your needs. 


I truly believe my nursing skills and experience lends themselves to fitness and exercise and helping others. I am compassionate, patient and I possess excellent communication skills which can only compliment my role as a trainer. I am a Red Cross First Aider and I am currently studying a level 4 'sports nutrition' & 'GP referral course'.  I feel with these new skills and qualifications along with my current nursing experience I can better support the large majority of ladies that are looking for Personal Training.


I teach lots of group exercise and the first thing I ensure is that the sessions are enjoyable, fun, creative & different each week so you don't get bored and your muscles are continually challenged. 


When you are signing up for a fitness journey with me, you are ready to take on that commitment to yourself to not only adopt a healthier lifestyle but most importantly become a happier more confident you.


The body Confidence I have gained on a personal level from just lifting is incredible and I believe all women should be able to feel like that I feel passionate about helping others to do so


Online classes will be continuing as normal, all other services will resume in January 2023 after having relocated to Bury St Edmunds


Personal Training Face to Face

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Group Classes Online

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Personal Training Virtual

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Personalised Workout  Plans

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Nutritional Plans (Coming Soon)