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Meet Bex

Hi, my name is Bex, founder and creator of Bexxfit.

I am a wife, mother of two, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, First Aider, and soon to be a level 4 Sports Nutritionist.

I have a history of Adult Nursing, and my specialty for 11 years has been within the oncology and palliative care setting.

My career in fitness started in 2019, helping other women across the UK has come from feeling that struggle first hand, with trying to balance work, home, kids, and a degree of fitness.

Yes, it is possible as a busy working professional or busy working mother, to still look and feel good and be confident in your body, it is just learning how to adapt your routine so you can reach your health and fitness goals.

...I can help you make these changes.

Throughout my working life as a nurse, my passion has always been first and foremost helping others whom are in need, making a truly difficult and somewhat trying time as bearable as possible.

​As a Personal Trainer, it is no different in that my focus is centred around empowering women to live a fit & healthy lifestyle... whilst working on self-belief & confidence, self esteem, body Image and daily motivation to help you stay on track with goals.

Are you feeling fed up with how you look or feel in your clothes? Whether its losing weight from having children, wanting to get stronger or just feeling healthier, fitter and even more body Confident...I want to help you!


Getting in shape is the best investment you will ever make. Eating healthily and exercising shouldn’t be a way of punishing your body after a heavy weekend of eating out or on holidays. It is not about being on a permanent diet either, it is about having and making that healthier lifestyle choice and not going back, & hopefully breaking those unhealthy habits for good.

My Experience

​Nursing Background In Oncology & Palliative care
Red Cross 1st Aider
CIMSPA Registered
Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor 
Exercise to Music- Group fitness Instructor
Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer 
Studying Level 4 Sports Nutrition & GP Referral Course

  • ​Nursing Background In Oncology & Palliative care

  • Red Cross 1st Aider

  • CIMSPA Registered

  • Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor 

  • Exercise to Music- Group fitness Instructor

  • Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer 

  • Studying Level 4 Sports Nutrition & GP Referral Course

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Take a look at what some of my clients have to say

Our Clients

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy the bootcamp sessions with Bex! It’s a great way to check in once a week and keep that motivation flowing! The session is really varied from week to week, and Bex is really good at keeping you focused and motivated. Can’t recommend enough! Thank you For keeping me on track with my fitness journey xx

​Claire P

Thrapston, Northamptonshire

​I met Bex, while doing a HIIT class at our local gym and we soon clicked..
Bex has worked really hard to gain her qualifications for personal training.
She is always positive, happy and very supportive.
She understands we are all different and offers harder or easier exercises to do.
Her classes are fun, hard work and well worth getting up for.
I feel very safe, confident and capable within Bex's bootcamp classes.
Also now her great online classes, which I can't thank her enough for Xx

​Theresa M

Islip, Northamptonshire 

​I'm really enjoying the outdoor bootcamps and the community Bex has grown. Bex mixes up the content each week and caters for all levels and abilities. People work hard and there's friendly competition but its a friendly and supportive group too. Planning on adding Monday zoom sessions and hoping to grab a PT spot soon.

Zoe R

Islip, Northamptonshire 

Thank you so much for your fabulous classes Bex! I have been wanting to get back in to a fitness regime in general and also return to being fit again for a long time.....your classes have finally made me feel like it is a realistic goal as I love them and genuinely can’t wait to do them!
If you are looking for a well structured, challenging and really enjoyable class look no further!

Hannah S

Great Easton, Leicestershire

After a riding injury I was left in pain and fed up after being very active .
Bex invited me to her low impact sessions, which have been a life saver !
I am now increasing my fitness and hopefully will be able to progress onto the higher impact sessions soon . Best of all I am now off the dreaded pain killers .
Bex is a breath of fresh air with her helpful down to earth approach to exercise me would thoroughly recommend any one to join. Thank you so much Bex x

​Jayne G

Old Weston, Cambridgeshire

​I have been attending Bootcamp twice a week for the last month and I really enjoy it. They are a different set up each week and there are always modifications to make the exercises easier or harder. Bex is a great trainer and a genuinely lovely kind person and great at motivating. The group of people at bootcamp ae all supportive and non judgemental so any ability would feel comfortable working out and supported in achieving their fitness goals

Kerry M

Thrapston, Northamptonshire

I’ve been doing the online classes with Bex and I absolutely love every single one of them.  Having a personal trainer like Bex is a true privilege. Bex is so down to earth and motivating, she wants to empower you with her knowledge and at the same time encourages you to keep going!
I enjoy working out so much more with Bex doing the online classes. I can’t recommend Bex highly enough, her knowledge and passion are what make her a truly exceptional trainer.  Thank you so much!!

​Lucy T 


​Since starting classes with Bex I can honestly say that I am feeling so motivated! I could see the difference in my body shape within a week. The classes themselves are outstanding - for the first time ever I understand how to do each exercise properly without injuring myself, I can feel the muscles that we are working and feel so much stronger already! The stretches are amazing too - I never suffer with DOMS like I have in the past which makes exercising every day so much easier and more enjoyable! I look forward to exercising now and for the first time since having my daughter (8 years ago!) I can see the reality of getting my pre baby body back and more! 

​Tiffany H


​Bex is the best advert for her business, You only have to look at her pictures to see the results she's achieved on her own fitness journey. Now she wants to pass on how she feels and looks to other women. 
I really enjoy my training sessions, no two are ever the same as she mixes up the exercises so you don't get bored.
Bex is very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of her profession which makes me feel confident in what she's asking me to do. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
Not only is Bex an amazing personal trainer, she's also a lovely person too.

Helen T

Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Bex welcomes everyone to her bootcamp whatever your fitness level. She's very encouraging and keeps the sessions fun and varied. A very approachable person and great instructor.

Lizzie C


Absolutely love working with Bex. Working 1:1 gives the flexibility to say what I like and don't like to do and to work specifically on what I want to achieve. Bexx is amazing at checking in and keeping me accountable even sending me plans to do at home. and it definitely helps that Bexx is lovely, really easy to talk to, for the first time I feel I actually enjoy the exercise.

Hayley B


I have been working with Bex for the last 6 months. I take part in both 1:1 PT sessions and Bootcamp. Both are fantastic. Bex is brilliant to work with as a PT and she fully understands and supports you in working towards your goals. Bootcamp is tough but good fun with great variations each week. Highly recommend. 

​Addie G


The perfect balance of fitness training and fun friendly class. Bex is highly professional with great communication and sessions are very well set up and run. Highly recommended for core fitness or just a great night out! 

Ady P


I have been going to Bootcamp now for 6 weeks and love them. Every week is something different and fun. Hard work as they should be but I feel great when I have finished a session. I would highly recommend 

​Lou G 


​Bootcamp with Bex is fantastic. Great exercises, fantastic encouragement and guaranteed to make you sweat

​Rachel W