Why do I need a consultation?
A free Consultation is recommended to enable me to ascertain;

  • Your fitness goals, ensuring that I am the right trainer for you

  • Conducting both a fitness and health assessment

  • Levels of nutrition & design a realistic fitness program tailored to your needs.

Within this questionnaire, you will be asked some pertinent questions in relation to your health. 

The completion of this form is requested because you are about to increase the amount of exercise you are doing and so the following questions are pertinent to your health and your ability to exercise safely.

This form aims to highlight any situation where physical activity should not be carried out and where medical advice should be sought from your GP.

Please read carefully ticking yes or no. It is your responsibility to inform me should your health change in any way.


Click on the button below to download the questionnaire, this must be completed and sent back before your free consultation and before any fitness participation.

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